About us

The first feline clinic

CatVet is the first veterinary clinic in Slovakia dedicated exclusively to feline medicine. As a group of cat-loving professionals, we felt the urge to create a specialized practice while taking into account the specific requirements of our feline friends.

CatVet is equipped with above-standard facilities, a stress-free environment, and, most importantly, comprehensive medical care with a sensible approach that cats require. The environment speaks for itself – wooden materials in place of chrome, heated pads instead of cold cages, and use of pheromone sprays for the mental comfort of your cat.

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We are now an internationally recognized cat-friendly clinic!

As of June 2018, CatVet is officially a cat-friendly veterinary practice recognized by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) The certificate is awarded to clinics that meet the international standards for treating a feline patient.

What does it mean for you and your furry friend? Cat friendly clinic certificate guarantees high-quality equipment, a sensible approach to our patients, diagnosing techniques that reduce the patients‘ stress, and a team of professionals that continuously develop their skills.

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